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  1. Not sure where you are, but if you’re in a city – go to a prop shop. You can get anything from guns, rifles, fake money, wheel chairs, surgical equipment etc.. and it’s relatively inexpensive.

    1. Unfortunately we don’t have anything like that here, think they’re planning on doing some DIY and using some of the budget to get things from eBay as well. Thanks for the comment (:

  2. With a bit of imagination and some mechanical or carpentry skills, you can make props from just about anything. Do you have an art department at a nearby college or even high school? Maybe you can get some volunteers to help in exchange for credits? Best of luck!

  3. Thrift stores, junk shops, Vintage stores,Craigslist-I’ve gotten ton of vintage junk off c-list at very inexpensive (close to free, sometimes free) prices-way better than e-bay…Good luck, let us know how it goes

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