The Bond

I am proud to announce my new page which can be found above entitled “The Bond”, The Bond is the working title for my novel that I have finally started writing after much planning.

I will post news and updates to the page, plus soon I will uploading the synopsis for the story. Currently the only thing there are two maps, one of which is feature below, the other is a coloured version.

Feel free to check it out, the main page will be like a diary of sorts, updating it when I reach certain goals or anything of note happens.


12 thoughts on “The Bond

  1. This sounds good, and I’ll definitely follow up. I was thinking about making maps for my stories. How much do you think it benefits your progress?

    1. Speaking personally, I think it benefits my progress greatly, it will help with consistency I haven’t thought too much about the specific places, as I right and have to think of a place that is the right distance from somewhere else etc I will go back to the map and add on to it marking forests mountains etc. The only place I know is where the main city is, which I don’t have a name for yet unfortunately aha.

      1. visit this book
        Gog (Lost Civilizations: 4)
        you will have companionship
        no matter what, keep reading, keep writing and writing and reading.
        I applaud you bravery to enter into realm of novels/and Fantasy at that.
        I, on the other hand, still just write to ruminate.
        However, if I just switched tenses’s and first person to third or second (is there a fourth) I might have my own novel. But, as for me, I leave the real battles to the young.

        no matter what, keep reading, no matter what, keep writing

      1. If you do find a good authoring software tool, do let us know. I’ve started on my first German language crime novel and I’m constantly getting confused with the names of my protagonists…doesn’t bear thinking about what mess I’d be getting into if I wrote a fantasy novel with lots of place names AND characters to worry about…perhaps I need a secretary or brain inplant instead of new software.

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