KONY 2012

Kony 2012

I guess by now everyone online has heard about KONY 2012, I have seen it throughout Twitter, on pretty much every YouTube video I have watched recently, all over my Facebook. But I never took the time to look into it. Untill today.

And what I found was a horrific documentary that shocked me to my core.

And it shocked me for two reason;
1) I knew nothing about who Joseph Kony or what he was doing.
2) That this was actually going on in the world.

For those who don’t know, Joseph Kony is the leader of an army moving through Africa, abducting children and forcing them to fight for him, making them kill their families and friends and ruining any chance of a life they had.

This army is called; The Lord’s Resistance Army or “LRA”.

Over the last ten years a charity has been set up called Invisible Children Inc, and this month they released a video called KONY 2012, a video they intended to go viral for the purpose of making Joseph Kony famous. Not to celebrate him, but to raise awareness of his actions.

We are a week in to March and already the video has gone viral with over 5 million hits on Vimeo alone.

Instead of trying to describe what happens in the video I have posted it below, please take time out to watch it. It is informative, it is inspirational and it is right to raise awarness.


After watching this I went straight to the KONY 2012 website, and purchased a bracelet, unfortunately I’m strapped for cash at the moment, or I would have bought the Action Kit, which includes posters as well as two bracelets and a t-shirt.

I want to get involved in this, but being from a small town, which only received city status back in 2002, I doubt think there will be many demo’s here, so I am going to do what I can, this is what this post is for, to raise awareness, to do my bit, when I get my next student loan in April, I am going to donate to this cause and I hope the governments of the world listen.

America has started to, but I haven’t heard much from England, after all it was America who sent that initial small amount of soldiers to give advice, but as the video states, if the public’s interest wanes, support will be revoked.

That can’t happen.

Please reblog this if you have the chance, raise awareness, share the video to your Facebook Timelines and your Twitter feeds. I’m going to look into this as much as I can and do what I can to help. Because this is much bigger than anything I will ever go through, much bigger than what you reading this will ever go through. We stood up to Hitler now we need to stand up to Kony, bring him to justice and release the children he holds captive back into their lives, back to their families, let them grow and love.

Let them have a life.
Let them LIVE.


38 thoughts on “KONY 2012

  1. The really awful thing about this is that many of these children can’t BE rehabilitated. For those taken before they were teenagers they can’t concieve of any other way to live, you can’t give them back a life they never had.
    It is certain that the recruiting has to end but, though it is hard to accept the reality; many of those now living that life were simply born to die. If you as a soldier are faced with one of these ten year olds you cannot afford to hesitate – if you don’t pull the trigger he or she won’t have a second thought about doing so because they know no other way. They have never been shown love, or compassion, they don’t know what these qualities are or how to use them they are simply little killing machines and Kony and those like him trade on the fact that soldiers trained by Western democratic countries will hesitate because of the fact it’s a child they’re facing.
    Support the movement huni, but you have to accept that for so many of them currently in that position there can be no happy endings. x

    1. Of course there will be casualties and yes you’re right a lot of them will have been brought up in this way and will be born and bred soldiers, willing to die for Kony and what they think is “right”, not much can be done in the way of changing the past, I’m more for this to change the future. As I see it, he’s still moving throughout Africa abducting children and forcing them to fight, and it has to stop somewhere.

      It’ll be hard and tough and maybe even impossible, but it gets you thinking about the atrocities in the world, and how we can live like this.

      Thanks for you comment (:

    2. It what you said were true, we might as well all kill ourselves right now. No, humans are intrinsically good. No matter what they go through and how damaged they are, they can flourish when they receive love. It will be a long process taking many years, but love triumphs over evil, and healing can happen.

      1. It can indeed. In 2008 I was priviledged to work with an amazing group of young adults who had been former child soldiers. Unfortunately that was when I had my eyes well and truly opened to the limits of what can be really be achieved. I am not for one minute saying that we shouldn’t be trying, only that we need to do so in a realistic way. xx

          1. We were all working a contract job together, it was only after we’d been working together for several months that some of them started to open up about it. It was very scary in some ways but I have the utmost respect and admiration for them and the way they had come through it. What was clear though was that they had all wanted something different. Sadly not very many of the people they were with back then seem to have felt the same way they did

  2. I’m planning to watch this today, several people have told me I should now. Also, I saw you started following my blog and was wondering how you found me? Just curious.

    1. From the main website: wordpress.com if you select Read Blogs from the number of tabs you can subscribe to tags and see what other people are writing, I found you through that (:

      and you really should watch it, you may agree or disagree but it’s still very good to watch.

      1. Yes it is very shocking, but amazing to see the unity of people standing up against injustice.
        I am English, but am living in the Cayman Islands, but to make you feel better, it has been raining all day!

  3. It’s amazing how much the U.S government will send assistance and supplies to other countries, as long as it benefits the U.S., but they’re hesitant to send help for the purpose of a greater good! KONY 2012 will be, and should be, a historical movement & I have every intention of being a part of it. I’m glad writers, bloggers, youtubers, etc are all taking initiative to spread the word and do our part!

    I agree partially with the above comments, as far as rehabilitation and the focus being on improving the future. It’s going to be an ugly fight, as suffering in life in inevitable, but it will all be worth it in the end when children in Uganda and cities nearby can sleep peacefully ❤

      1. No problem! And definitely! Especially since I’m in NYC and it’s easy to commute anywhere. I’m all for it! How do you feel about the whole “KONY Scam” thing going around?

        1. I’m undecided at the moment, I have seen a lot of different facts and figures surrounding them. At the end of the day I’ve already donated, (I bought a Kony bracelet).

          Everything that happens in the world will always have doubters. I saw a video on YouTube last night stating that Invisible Children work with another Army in America which also uses child soldiers, whether they still do or not I don’t know.

          I read as well that only 37% of what they took last year made it to the children, but the figure was $8,000,000 and I’m not being funny but over in Africa, 37% of that is A LOT. It will cost a lot to raise awareness and fly people to and from Africa and making the videos to promote this.

          What matters is even if you don’t donate, Joseph Kony has now been brought to the forefront of the media, up until the other day I had never even heard of him, so something worked (:

  4. I am glad there are lots have a common goal to spread awareness with such kind of act, I am going to share this in my facebook and twitter account…

  5. Thank you for posting this Daniel! I have been hearing about it the video for a while now, but haven’t gotten around to watching the video until I saw it on your site. It’s so important to bring awareness to this issue. Child Armies are horrific. Kony definitely isn’t the only one who’s used the practice, but if he is the face that draws attention to it, so be it. Whatever controversy may surround Invisible Children, the media campaign to raise awareness is amazing.

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