Fresh Ink

Hello everyone, I’m still looking for guest writers to help write on my other blog Fresh Ink, at the moment we have three writer’s on the blog and we’d love more.

My goal with this blog is to have a group of writers producing lots of varied content and showcasing their work. You can use to push your personal blog to if you that’s what you like. It’s about getting writer’s heard, but to make this happen the more the better and I’d love for you to come help us all out.

Check out the “Write For Us” page over on:


7 thoughts on “Fresh Ink

  1. Hi Daniel, I’m not sure if the stuff I blog about, which is basically Life From a Writer’s POV would fit in your new blog, but if you ever find yourself in a pinch for material, you are certainly welcome to reblog any of my posts.

  2. hi Daniel I don’t know if my wordings fits in to your new blog coz I am just write randomly but in any case just like Naomi u wanted to share some of my works feel free to reblog it…

    1. Sure thing, writing randomly is fine though just so you know, you can always email me something specific if you’d like it featured there, or tweet it to @Fresh1nk and I can get it that way. Use the hashtag “#WriteForUs” (:

  3. Hi Daniel,

    I’d love to write for you, my blog used to be all about travel but now I work at a retreat centre in Cambodia and its now more about my daily life in the Village, Permaculture projects, Ecology, Spirituality, Veganism, NaNoWriMo & NaNoEdMo and anything else that comes up! Do let me know if you’d ever have a need for me to write for you. Would be honored to be reblogged if you feel its appropriate content.
    Great ideas as well – I’m always looking for new blogs to engage and interact with!

  4. Hi! You mean brand new material or it could be something already posted on my blog? I celebrate this idea of helping writers to be heard; it seems we’re pretty shy, though. What an interesting contradiction!

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