Site Update – Finally

So if you’re reading this (on the PC at least) you’ll be seeing the new layout, what do you think? It is across the website and my Facebook page, which also has a new URL:

If there are any suggestions you can think of let me know and I will make them if necessary.

Main suggestions I’m looking at is whether it easy to read for everyone. See the gallery below for the images I have created for the new update.

The picture I used for the header is here.

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19 thoughts on “Site Update – Finally

  1. First, if I had a room it would be the room you pic’d on your blog.
    Very Hip.
    Also, I am a novice to this wordpress blogging and I am envious of the type face’s and the lay out you seem to have mastered
    What it the theme? Does is come with all the typefaces or do you get into HTML and the other warp speed black hole think called css?

    No matter, I may just be plain vanilla with a black soul, after all, it’s the WORDS right? But the pics you use make me wanna read.
    good job

    yo freekin yutes make me wanna re-jazz my life
    bet that didn’t work


      1. yeah, dah! hoverd over your blog name int he upper left and saw it is Chatta??? what ever.
        Gonna give it a try.
        I should spend as much time w/my guitar as I do on trying to reinvent the written word in WordPress but it is so much hipper than the Blogger I was with for years.

        Ok, your doing something, I should be doing something so untill next time
        Pizza for the whole band!!!!

  2. It looks very smart and sophisticated. Well done. Personal thought: you could lose the calendar to make it look less cluttered. Doesn’t really serve a purpose for the reader…our laptops show us what date it is….?

  3. A room full of books is a happy person. Love it. I also like how you have your writing organized in the header.

  4. It’s easy to read. And there are a number of themes like that you can choose from and tweak to make them more personalized. I’m on my fourth, Comet, and I think I’ll stick with it for a while.

    1. I had a different theme when I posted that article, but there was a problem with my pages, when you hovered over them at the top, they would drop down over the header, and as the drop down menu had no background colour you couldn’t read them, so I had to swap back to the one I have now, but I like the one I have now, it works nice with the pages at the top. Makes it feel like an actual website.

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