Picture It & Write

Again the people over at Ermilia’s blog have posted another Picture It & Write article. For those who don’t know what this is, they post a picture and then write a brief story about the image. They then ask for you to join in, your can either carry on their story or write your own. You can also do poetry and even something in another language (providing there is a translation posted along with it). I encourage everyone to give it a go because it helps get the “creative juices” flowing. My entry is below the image. (Gotta admit, this one made me nearly chunder a little.)
The sight of it disgusted me, paralysed by fear I stood still and just stared at the spider. As I stared I began to notice things, the way it sat there in the center of it’s domain, feeling the world around it. A slight breeze wobbled the web, the spider not even adjusting, it was so at one with its surroundings. With a stray finger I could wipe out this creatures home, the predator becoming the prey. I could play God, I mean it’s not like a human’s life, it doesn’t mean anything, it won’t save any lives. I reached out and took one of it’s many legs in a pincer grip. I held it there between forefinger and thumb and watched as it curled into self, denying what was to come to it. I heard it cry out to me in my mind, it asked for mercy, but I showed it none.

One by one I tore its legs from its torso, and felt no remorse. I mean, it’s not like it’s a human life. Human’s bleed more…


12 thoughts on “Picture It & Write

  1. …I looked over my shoulder and gazed at Harry’s mangled remains on my couch…yes, humans bleed more. What an awful mess I’d made…it would take some time to mopit all up.

        1. I will do, I get them from the blog that is linked in the beginning of the article, you should check it out, they do it every weekend, I dont always get around to doing it, so you should definitely check out their blog.

  2. Wow. That was dark and cruel. Very intriguing. I felt sorry for the spider. I like how you also introduced the concept of ‘playing God’ and the role reversal of predator and prey. Thanks for contributing this week, Daniel!

  3. Interesting. I’m not huge on animal themes and would probably have gone into some sort of representational spider-god riff from this, but what you’ve got here might be interesting as the opening of a character study of an individual with a detached mindset. It does make me want to learn more about the POV character.

    1. Hi thanks, I figured a lot of people would put the spider as the character, so I thought I would show the spider and then sort of spiral off to discover a new character.

      As far spider-god, Lloth is a good inspiration you could have looked at (:

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