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Hi I mentioned not so long a go that I would be open to featuring other authors works, no more than twice a week, and that I would schedule them on a first come first serve basis.

Up next is an excerpt from LawrenceEz entitled: Halfway House

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Half term week, October 2005, Sunday afternoon

‘See you later,’ my mate Zipper shouts after me.

I rush down the alleyway by the back of the maisonettes, starving and cold and looking forward to my tea. Pizza, potato wedges and supermarket ice cream for afters. I climb the rear steps and let myself in through the back door. And stop just as I touch the light switch in the hallway.

Voices come from kitchen. Mum’s boyfriend Simon’s in there, talking with his mates. There’s nothing unusual about that, except earlier Simon said he had important stuff to attend this afternoon and wouldn’t be back till late tonight.

But it’s the atmosphere that’s really getting to me. The hostility in the air. I feel it before I hear it.

Simon: ‘We give him a good kicking.’

‘Yes!’ They laugh and pound the kitchen table.

One of Simon’s mates says he hopes the other guy’s dead.

More laughter.

I’m not sure what happens next, whether I make a sound and attract their attention, for the conversation suddenly stops and the kitchen door bursts open.

‘Oi, Wayne,’ Simon says. ‘What’re you doing?’

Simon’s in his early twenties. Skinny, tall. He wears designer gear, drives a flash sports car and walks around with a swagger. Doesn’t work. In fact, no one knows much about him at all. A few weeks back, Mum met him at the Royal Swan where she serves behind the bar and he moved in with us shortly after, but not everyone likes him. He’s nearly ten years younger than my mum, and my nan and grandpa don’t approve of an older woman living with a younger man. My uncle Graham doesn’t trust Simon full stop. He thinks

Simon’s trouble. I think so too, because Uncle Graham’s spot on about people and can sum up a stranger in moments, and he wouldn’t say anything unkind about a person unless he actually believed it. No way.

‘Just got in,’ I say, glancing warily at Simon’s mates in the kitchen. There’s a couple of them round the table and they’re in the middle of a card game for money. One’s watching me with an amused expression, the other’s flicking ash in the ashtray and cracking his knuckles in a way that I find intimidating.

‘Your mum’s doing her shift at the pub,’ Simon says. ‘You all right? Had a good day?’


‘Keeping out of mischief? Behaving yourself?’


‘Good.’ Simon retrieves his wallet from the kitchen. ‘We’re catching up on things. Loads to talk about.’ He hands me a ten pound note. ‘Get yourself some fish and chips.’


‘No problem.’

He goes in, slamming the kitchen door behind him.


Check out Lawrence’s Creative Arts Webpage at

Online Classical Piano, Lawrence Estrey (Piano)


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