Awesome Bloggers Are Awesome

First of all I would like to say Hi and thanks to the people who have followed be recently, I hope you like my work!

And secondly, I would like to promote some other blogs that I have interest in;
First is that of my girlfriend. Her blog, The Blue Journal, is focused around Creative Writing work (so short stories and poetry) and I think you should check it out.

Next is my house mate, Luke. His blog is again focused on writing more geared towards films, so scripts and film reviews etc, although there are also a lot of Creative Writing pieces on there. His blog is here:

And last but not least, a blog that all three of us (plus others) contribute to called Fresh Ink, and you can write for the blog to. Just go to the Write For Us page over on the blog and get in touch. I’d like Fresh Ink to eventually be a community for Writers to get together in and share their work with the world. You can check it out here:

Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you like everything on here!


6 thoughts on “Awesome Bloggers Are Awesome

  1. Daniel, I just wanted to thank you for following my blog. As a fellow writer, it’s good to have a blog you can go to and read an author with true gumption (I promise I’m not a 42 year old stay at home Mom). There are just very few people that I can say have gumption.

    Good luck in all you do.
    1) You are 20 years old! Grab life by the short hairs and never give up until you are dead;.
    2) If you must take jobs that are unrelated to writing. Do it. This is not selling out, this is life. I have personally seen several artists who refused to “sell out”. They now work at Fed Ex, Wal-Mart photo center, and semi-trucks around the United States. These are their CAREERS now. Because they believed that doing anything other than their craft for money was selling out. Don’t let this happen to you.


    1. Hi, thanks for your comment.

      I don’t believe I’d be selling out by getting a job, quite the opposite, I’d love to work writing scripts for video games if possible, or working in Film and TV.

      My main point was getting through University, whilst having enough time to write the novel I want.

      I’ve never heard the word “gumption” before so I googled it, I not only love the word but I thank you for saying it (:

  2. this is awesome I am all for collabs and promoting blogs…sometimes being a blogging tag team is so much inspiration and helpful.

    1. If you like collabs check out it’s only got 4 writers atm, and we’ve not been posting much, I’m just trying to get it promoted at the moment, if you like the blog check out the “write for us” page on the blog.

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