Guest Article: A Student’s Moving-Out-Of-Home Guide.

As mentioned the other day people have been interested in putting guest articles on my blog.

Well below is the first article from Chris Lee, he can be contacted here:

Below is his article, and if anyone else would like to feature any articles on the site then email me at:

A student’s moving-out-of-home guide

Starting uni marks, for most students, the first time they’ll be living away from home. While the move can be a daunting experience, it’s also an event that marks the transition to a more independent life. This guide highlights 5 ways through which you can reduce the stress of the move, and set yourself up to have a great Fresher’s week.

#1: Only pack what you really need

Uni accommodation is usually modestly sized (to put it politely). Bringing your entire DVD collection, your favourite armchair, and 3 guitars just isn’t practical. When packing, try to whittle it down to somewhere between the bare minimum and what you think you need. This will make your room a lot less cramped, and will make it a whole lot easier to travel to and from uni when term finishes.

#2: Make sure you have the things you don’t think you really need, but actually do

Some good examples are cleaning products and coat hangers. These were the last things on my mind when I was packing for uni, but it turns out accommodation services think 2 coat hangers per student is enough, despite every student definitely owning more than 2 items of clothing. I was also mistaken when I thought that cleaning products would be provided in the communal kitchen. There are various “what to take to uni” lists floating around the internet, so have a read through a few of those, and ask any students you know what they’d recommend taking.

#3: Have a good send-off from home

This could be a big party with all your friends, or just a night at the pub with the hard-core. I opted for the latter, and it was one of the best nights out I’ve ever had. We reminisced about all the great times we’d shared over a few pints, and it definitely helped ease the anxiety that was building about moving to university. The friends you have at home will continue to be an important part of your life through university, regardless of the distance, so keep ‘em sweet 

#4: Be prepared for homesickness

Though you may not expect it, homesickness has the habit of striking at least once during Fresher’s week. It can range from a fleeting feeling of missing your Mum to feeling slightly blue all week, but however strong it hits you, remember it will pass. As was mentioned previously, moving away is a huge milestone in your life, and while there are plenty of distractions when you first arrive at uni, it’s natural to sometimes miss the life you’re used to.

#5: Keep your door open

Once you and your stuff are comfortably settled, you can begin focusing on what really matters: enjoying the uni experience. A great way to meet people in the first few days is to spend time in the communal areas, or failing that, to prop your door open with an open crate of beer. This will break the ice with your flatmates and put things off to a good start.

I’m coming to the end of my degree now, and am starting to look for flats to rent in Leeds. The transition to non-student housing after 4 years will be an interesting one, so hopefully someone’s written a similar guide to this that will help me out!


7 thoughts on “Guest Article: A Student’s Moving-Out-Of-Home Guide.

  1. Reading this reminds me of Freshers’ week (and first year in general). Crazy times. I had a bout of homesickness on the way to the union one night, such a fleeting feeling but it was really bizarre. Glad it didn’t last!

  2. @Mozalini definitely! I met the only people I keep in touch with from my first uni (transferred in second year) that way 🙂

  3. I found you link as you stopped by my blog recently. This is a great post. I commend you for including homesickness in there on your list. I love the crate of beer idea. 😆 I am currently working with a bunch of young students who are all heading off to Uni this year. I am currently training them as advisers to work with the Citizens Advice Bureau so they cover lots of interesting topics relevant to young people moving out of home. They have recently set up their own blog. I’d really like to direct them to your blog as I think they would find it useful. I trust it’s OK to pass on your link and let them subscribe. As for me I’m a mature student and so although moving out is not a dilemma I have in my life I’m still struggling, amongst other things, with what it’s like to study. I’ll be sure to pop in and pick up any tips you care to share. Jacqueline

    1. Hi, first of all credit where credit is due, I didn’t write this article, merely hosted it for someone who got in touch with me. But I agree, it is definitely a good idea the beer crate thing (why didn’t I think of that). I did keep my door propped open though.

      And yes, feel free to direct them to the blog, the more the merrier, although I would say this blog is very writing orientated, although now I am opening it up to host articles from other authors.

      Maybe they’d have some advice for the blog that they feel needs to be out in the world, if so tell them they can e-mail me with the e-mail address under the “Contact” page at the top, and I would be happy to feature any advice or articles they have.

      Thanks for stopping by, and I would love for a link to their blog so I could give it a read,

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