I have had some interest in writing for my blog (this one) recently, of course this is my personal blog, but I have decided that depending how well written the articles are I would be willing to open the doors to guest articles. I won’t publish more than maybe two or three a week, I will schedule them as I receive them to post automatically, so it doesn’t matter how many I receive, but I will schedule them in a “first come first serve” manner. For example, the order the finished articles come into my inbox I will schedule them straight away.

This is a great opportunity for your own blog, as it will of course link back to your personal blog, and it is a good thing for my blog, as it gets more and more content on the blog.

If anyone is interested in this, feel free to e-mail me:

And of course, as I mentioned the other day, the other blog I write for, Fresh Ink, is open to any and all writers, email me on the address above for more information about becoming a writer on the blog.


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