Fresh Ink – Write For Us

I may have posted about this a while back when I first started the blog, at first it was just for me and a friend but I have decided to open up to others now so we can hopefully get a good community going.

Basically me and fellow blogger Lukeknwls run another blog called Fresh Ink. The purpose of this blog is to share our writing in another place that generates more content that is focused around writing, any forms.

Unfortunately there haven’t been many posts on it recently, I have instead been concentrating on and posting to this blog mainly.

I am putting the call out to anyone who wants to write for the blog, either by sending me their name and article and me posting it for you or by becoming a proper user of the blog and posting yourself. The way this works is you create the post, the same way you would for your own blog and it gets submitted for approval to either me or Luke and after a quick read through we allow the post and it shows up on the page. Simple!

If you would like to write for the blog, feel free to email me at:

I will be in touch as soon as possible.



2 thoughts on “Fresh Ink – Write For Us

  1. I’d be happy to write something for you now my main project is over. First though, are there any rules to ‘fresh ink’ e.g. genre/wordcount etc. Or should I just knock something together about anything for as many words as I care to write, then submit it to you and if it takes your fancy you put it up?

    1. Hey, anything is fine word count and genre aren’t an issue (: If you have a wordpress account,I can add you as a writer and you can post on your own, or if it easier email me at: with your name (can be an alias if you want, this is for credit), and then have the article.

      It can be anything from fiction, non-fiction or even poetry (:

      I look forward to reading it.

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