Train of Thought


(Runaway Train of Thought by Tzod Earf)

Our train of thought is a funny thing if you think about it, you start off thinking about one subject and if you aren’t careful you get sent away on an epic journey and end up thinking about something COMPLETELY unrelated to what you where thinking about to start with. For example;

1. These shoes are warm
2. Imagine being by a warm fire in a log cabin
3. Wouldn’t it be ace if I owned a log cabin.
4. I could hunt bears, and have like, bear pelts ALL OVER.

That there is an example of train of though, as you can see, thinking about the warm shoes led me to think about bearicide, (that’s bear murder).

What is my point?

Well, train of thought can be very helpful to your writing. If you allow your mind some leeway, some freedom, you can think greats thoughts and have stunning ideas about your writing. But only if you focus.

If you don’t focus, you can end up somewhere you don’t want to be, procrastinationville.

Taking the example above, you could be thinking about how the characters feels his shoes are warm, and then notice how YOUR shoes are also warm, then you could be stuck at bearicide again and be completely out of your zone. Or you may even end up thinking you ARE your character and start to believe your life is way out of control, that you are actually writing about yourself, because some higher authority has a huge plan for you…..See there it goes, train of though departing, destination unknown.

So DO think, and ponder, and question. But keep it in check, in line, on topic.

(P.S. I originally planned this article to be about how train of thought is weird, and that was it, but due to my train of though, I managed to link it to writing, which my blog is supposed to be about ;))


2 thoughts on “Train of Thought

  1. Fun post! I sometimes have to explain my strange train of thoughts to people, so I really get this.

    Thanks for subscribing to Writing Between the Lines. I look forward to your next post.

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