Thank You!

Today my total subscribers went to over 50, I have been doing this summer last year, not sure of the exact date of my first post.

I don’t know if 50 is a big number compared to the length, but then it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that a big amount of people have enjoyed my work enough to click subscribe and have commented and provided me very useful feedback on my work.

I appreciate this so much, and it’s the people following this blog who make me want to keep posting.

I actually feel bad when I don’t post something, so you guys are keeping me motivated to.

I hope my work reaches even more people, because that will be make me feel even moreĀ privileged.

I would also like to offer an apology, I don’t comment on other’s work often because my email gets so full of new posts from the hundreds of brilliant people I follow. From now on, I am going to try to comment on people’s work a lot more often if possible, to show them the appreciation they show me.

So thank you, and I hope you never get bored.


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