Franklin and Bash

Today was the day my girlfriend introduced me to the TV Show Franklin and Bash.

And what a show, so far only watched the Pilot episode (watching the second one as I write this, multi-tasking win). Recently we’ve been watching a lot of dramatic TV Shows, for example Sherlock (don’t even get me started) and also Life on Mars, (the UK version obviously).

What I like about this show is how my girlfriend put it, “it’s like a comedy duo have been placed in dramatic situations”and it is, I mean, I’m sure that was how it was written, but they’ve done it really well.

It’s a very fresh show that is something I have never watched before, let alone thought I would enjoy. Has anyone else seen it?

Also, due to mentioning my girlfriend a lot on this post I may as well link her blog, just click the link and you can be on her blog reading her wonderful posts aha.


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