Hi, so maybe this isn’t my best piece ever but I do quite like it, any feedback would be appreciated so I can edit it, thanks.


Life is a funny thing,
We all have it,
Does that make us experts?
And if we’re experts how do we get lost?
Stumbling through blind.

If we’re the experts,
Why do we need people to ask us “how does that make you feel?”
Here, take a seat on my couch.
Can they even help?

And if we’re experts on life itself,
How can we make such a mess of our lives?
Dragging those we’re friends with along for the ride.
Enduring the days, but trying to find a way to escape.

If we are experts on living,
Why in the end do we lose?
Out-smarted, out-witted and taken by Death’s scythe.
Our lives ending, as does the night.

So maybe we’re not experts at all,
But we do have this one thing in common.
We live.

But yet we’re so different,
In every which way.
We’re given a life, and we stumble through, recking it or making it.
But we are never in control,
And we’re certainly not experts.


One thought on “Life

  1. And I find that the ones who think they are “experts” because they studied in school, are the least expert of all, lol! Good job, that’s my “expert” opinion 🙂 grins, Terri

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