First Day Back


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So today was my first day back at Uni, and it was actually entertaining, no writing was done, but a lot was a announced and we got to do some idea generation which was very fun to do. But definitely the most exciting news was that actor Bill Nighy, who was in both Shaun of the Dad and Hot Fuzz, as well as playing Davey Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Although it is very good he is coming and it will be an awesome opportunity to meet someone talented, someone raised the question after class, why is an actor coming to talk about screenwriting.

Someone provided a very good answer though, he has obviously had experience with scripts, whether he wrote them or not, that’s not the point. The point is he has had experience reading scripts, and he will have opinions on what is a good script, but most importantly, what is a bad script.

Apparently the format of his visit is a brief presentation of some of his work and then a Q&A afterwards so I will need to think of a killer question. The University scraped together a small fee to allow this to happen, obviously to pay him to come here, and apparently he said he isn’t keeping the money to himself, he is giving it to the Student Screenwriter Fund and even paying for his own hotel expenses (to be honest, i’m sure it won’t dent his back account too much) all he asked for apparently was an ice and lime juice.

If anyone can help me think of an epic question for him in the comments I will ask him and post back the answer to you.

As well as the visit from him, there is a conference to which different media people from all different areas of the industry are coming to, hosted here at UCLan and as students, we also get free entry which will be very good indeed. On top of this there is a trip to the set of Coronation Street (not going to lie, don’t watch soaps, but I’ll still go) as well as a look around Granada News, so as long I’m not ill or anything, I will definitely be attending all of this plus whatever else is thrown at us.

I’m feeling very optimistic about this semester so far, hopefully it will be a good one, and I can focus more on my work, especially seen as I don’t have a job at the moment. Which brings me to my final point.

Even though not having a job can suck because lack of money, it certainly feels good to have time to do University work at my own pace!


One thought on “First Day Back

  1. I wanna come with you … To everything. I’ll probably find out about all this stuff tomorrow. Thanks for ruining the surprise! Ha. I suppose it’s not as bad as running Game Of Thrones for you – Sorry.

    See you when you get back – from your travels.

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