Picture It & Write

Again the people over at Ermilia’s blog have posted another Picture It & Write article. For those who don’t know what this is, they post a picture and then write a brief story about the image. They then ask for you to join in, your can either carry on their story or write your own. You can also do poetry and even something in another language (providing there is a translation posted along with it). I encourage everyone to give it a go because it helps get the “creative juices” flowing. My entry is below the image. 

Red stood there, Wolf blocking her path.
“Go on! Get!” Red shouted.
Wolf just smiled at her, tongue lolling. “I’m not going anywhere Red, not this time.” Wolf moved forward slowly, one paw at a time, creeping towards her.
“Please Wolf, why the change of heart?”
“Orders.” Again Wolf, put one paw in front of the other. Red didn’t budge one bit.
“Orders from who? You’re an animal, you should take no orders.”
“When a human has my cubs, I will do their bidding…then I’ll rip out their throat.”
“Wolf please, you have given me some of the best memories of my childhood, don’t let that end now.”
“You’re just a girl Red, there’s nothing you can do to save my cubs, and I will NOT leave them behind.”
“Except…I could help. I’ll distract your masters, you tear out their throats.”
“Red, if you are to die, I’d rather it be me than a farmer with a shotgun.”
The basket dropped from Red’s hands and she fell to her knee’s.
“So be it Wolf, I couldn’t out run you, and you’re far stronger than I am.”
“Exactly.” Wolf padded closer, less hesitantly now Red was on her knee’s. Wolf’s muzzle was mere inches from Red’s face, his warm moist breath condensing on her cold cheeks.
“I love you Wolf.” Red, lifted her head up exposing her throat, submitting to the death that awaited her.
“I love you too Red.” Growled Wolf. “I love you too.”



Okay, so I have left this one open ended, I couldn’t decide how to end it, so I’ll sum up the endings here briefly, you can pick which one is most satisfying aha.

1) “I love you too Red.” Growled Wolf. “I love you too.”
Wolf opened his maws and took hold of Red’s throat.


2) “I love you too Red.” Growled Wolf. “I love you too.”
Wolf didn’t move, unsure, finally his jaws opened and he licked Red’s face.
“I can’t do it Red, now come help me get my cubs.”

I’m liking the first option just because, it shows the length at which an animal (or even a human) would go to protect it’s offspring.

What do you all think?


5 thoughts on “Picture It & Write

  1. either works for me 🙂 well done! I took mine in another direction. Check it out when you get time and let me know if you like my idea. smiles, Terri

  2. I like the compassionate wolf. Why do animals always have to be berated? It’s humans who are the real scary ones.

  3. I think it is very good; I’d take the second ending, weird for me to use the one that doesn’t end in death but I think it is more heartwarming and something about it, just spoke to me. Plus the wolf always ends up eating bloody unlucky red doesn’t he/she. Good, I liked it!

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