Dead Library…

no, not a library full of Zombies, instead, the library has no-one inside it.

English: The main reading romm of Graz Univers...
Image of a Library (from Wikipedia)

Here in the UK it is 2:35am, and I am in the University library for two reasons,

1) To get out of my bloody room, because the four walls of my room have all I’ve seen recently.
2) To force me to actually do something productive as I’m not tired and I probably would have otherwise just sat at home scrolling up and down my Facebook wall, reading the same statuses over and over.

So as it stands, it is actually working, I have been planning my novel. You may have read a while back this article. In the article I posted the opening to a fantasy novel I had planned to write, but after much thinking, I’ve decided if I want to write that story I want to write it good, because what I have planned for it I feel is unique and I would like to do it justice. As it stands, this early in my career I don’t think I could do it the justice it deserves.

So instead I have decided to work on the other novel idea I have had floating around for a while now. It will be a super natural story set in the modern day. My main inspiration for this novel is Dean Koontz. His work made me fall in love with a genre I never really considering reading untill I read his Odd Thomas books (and then going on to read a hell of a lot of his other stuff).

So here I am in the library (the dead library) working on my idea. So far it is going well, I have finally come up with an antagonist and an ending to the story, because all I had BEFORE I came here was the beginning and up till the middle, with only a vague idea of the looming threat, but now I know the whole story it will be easier to write, hopefully.

I have planned out the prologue which I will probably focus on writing first, then I will work my up to the chapter I have already written (I already wrote what I believed to be the start, but instead will be a later chapter).

The way the story is told is through the perspectives of the two main characters, Jonathan Palmer and Lucy [AsOfYetNoLastName], each chapter will alternate between their views. At the start of the book they don’t know each other, but the meet around the middle, I’m not sure what I am going to do when they meet, whether I will carry on alternating, or just have it sort of merge. At the moment I am siding with alternating so then the characters can go off and do stuff without the other having to follow, as well as providing insight to the specific characters thoughts and feelings.

I have filled six pages of an A4 notebook with notes and a timeline at the moment, and I have still not finished planning. Once the notes have been written, I will type them up, organise them and edit them and then start the story, although I have the beginning planned out enough now that I could probably crack on with it.


2 thoughts on “Dead Library…

    1. Thanks aha, never thought about it lol, i’ve had her named for a while now (before I started the short story) so it hadn’t stood out to me. I may have to change it now 😛 but i’m sure no-one will care too much if it’s the same. I’m doing something different with this story though, because I intend to release it as a novel on the Kindle, I’m not wanting to publish all the novel here on my website, although I will of course publish excerpts. If you like, due to be being my first follower on here I’ll honour you with a copy of the finished thing (provided I do finish it aha).

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