Lucky Writer

Rich because of the muppets.

You may have already heard about this but an author called Amanda Hocking (click to go to her blog) needed some money (She needed $300 or £195) so she could travel down to a Muppet’s Exhibition in Chicago. After numerous times of being beat back by agents and publishers, she decided to take control and self publish her own novels, through the likes of Amazon on their Kindle platform and through iTunes etc.

Not only did she raise the $300 she surpassed the mark and made $20,000 selling 150,000 copies of her books. She did this all by herself, with no agent, no publisher, nothing. And being an aspiring writer it does give you hope that there will be a chance to follow in her footsteps.

I have always liked the idea of self publishing because you are more in control, you set your own prices and get most of it back, According to this article, a publishing house only awards 10-15% of the money earned. I’m not sure if this is then dipped into by your agents as well, but considering on Amazon you get 30% if the book is under a certain amount (I think it’s a $1) but if you then sell the next couple of books for $2.99 like Amanda did, you take 70% of the earnings.

I really do think self publishing is the future, and this story has inspired me more than ever to get my books that I’ve been starting and never finishing completed, because there isn’t the fear of being rejected, you can’t reject yourself, not really.

Worst that could happen is no-one buys your books, but then you’ve not lost anything, it’s free to put them onto Amazon Kindle’s listing, I put a “book” up just to see how easy it was, and it turns out it is very easy, there is even a step by step formatting guide, telling you what to do. None have sold, but then it isn’t exactly a complete thing aha.

You can buy Amanda’s books here from Amazon. Some are even free!


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