World of Warcraft

Recently I have got back into World of Warcraft and you want to know something sickening? On my level 85, if you type “/Played”, it shows your total playtime for that character….my play time is 35 days….35…days.

Now of course this is over the course of the many years I’ve played WoW, but still that’s a whole month of my life sat in a computer chair grinding boars. And that’s just that one character. Granted I haven’t levelled another character all the way to 85 yet, but it must all add up. And think of the money I have given over to wow, £8.99 a month for how many months? I don’t even want to think about it.

So, if I’m complaining why have I gone back to it?

I have someone to play it with properly now, which definitely helps but there is a strange allure to it, it is very addictive, you hear stories about people forgetting to feed their children because they’ve played World of Warcraft for too long.

But for me, it is the escapism of it all, I play WoW for the same reason I read fantasy books above all other genres. It allows for an escape and WoW provides that fantasy escape more than any other fantasy game I have played, whether it is Fable or Skyrim (which is on par with stealing hours of my life, but not quite a month.)

But what REALLY annoys me, is the fact I have no idea what is going on in this world I have invested so much money in and so much time, because I don’t read the quests. Not because I’m not interested, it’s more because I find it really hard to read the font and colour of the paper it is displayed on, which is unfortunate. I

I have paid more attention since the Cataclysm expansion came out though, mainly due to seeing how the world has changed from I first leveled my character. I feel sorry for the new players, who didn’t see WoW before hand, but at the same time, they are getting a more fun experience.

They are also getting an EASIER experience unfortunately, on this play through I have noticed a severe lack of challenge in the quests. Going back and doing quests that I had done before the Cataclysm and seeing that they have made Elites normal enemies now, and seeing how fast my new character is levelling compared to the EPIC grind of pre-Wrath of the Lich King. (I started playing when The Burning Crusade was already out, unfortunately didn’t get to see Vanilla WoW.)

I shouldn’t be complaining, because Blizzard have put a lot of effort into the Level 85 dungeons and all the end game stuff, and it will be good to get there and experience it all, but at the same time, I want to feel like I’m being challenged on the way there.

I don’t actually know what I am on about now, I am just rambling aha. WoW is just a game that has been constantly in my life on and off for a while now. Anyone else play WoW who is reading this? (In Europe?)


2 thoughts on “World of Warcraft

  1. I play, though in the United States (Area 52, representing) and feel about the same way that you do, though I haven’t played as long. I don’t feel that there is enough challenge while you’re progressing for through the game. I think that it is just a symptom of something else, though. As you said, Blizzard puts a lot of work into the endgame content. A lot of people feel that the endgame is all the game is for. I hear people complaining often about having to level their characters. For me, the leveling is the most enjoyable part.

    Also, I am nearly positive that there is a mod that will make the quest look different so they will be easier for you to read.

    1. Thanks for your response, I’m the same, leveling is the most enjoyable part, I have done one single raid in my time playing WoW because my gear is good enough and it’s like a vicious circle where you aren’t allowed to take part in a raid if your gear isn’t good, so how am I ever supposed to get said gear aha.

      And thanks for the idea of a mod, I didn’t think to look but I think I might look into it tbh.

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