Video Game Stories: A Mini Essay/Rant

First off, Merry Christmas! What did you wish for? What did you get?

I got a good variety of things this year, some good presents of my girlfriend (thanks!) and some awesome aftershave off my Mum and money from my Dad (to live off, the life of a student).

Like I said previously i’ve not been writing much after taking a break because of being worded out due to it being all i’ve been doing at Uni, instead choosing to focus on 3d Modelling, at the moment I am working on a really in-depth tutorial focused on character modelling, but i think once i’m done i will just focus on level design and object stuff, (anything I make in UDK will be first person anyway), they are a little easier to model and you can make some really stylised and unique objects.

For those of you who don’t know, I studied Games Design at College (the English version) and started studying it at University but swapped courses not long after due to it being quite intensive on the art side of things, and drawing isn’t my strong point really.

Now though I have decided I want to return to my Games Design roots and I think as a possible career choice I would love to write the story and script of a game, because if anything is lacking from video games nowadays it is story.

Sure Skyrim has an epic story line, with lots of choices and outcomes, but other than that stories falter in most games, especially first person shooters ie, Battlefield 3 (who’s campaign came on the second disc on the 360 version) and Call of Duty.

The main genre you find compelling story in is RPG’s, more than likely due to the high volume of Fantasy novels having a great influence.

The realm of Fantasy games and Fantasy books has long been entwined, see Dungeon’s and Dragons, and with next years Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning featuring a story penned by R.A. Salvatore (author of the Legend of Drizzt books which are set in the D&D universe) fantasy games and books look set to carry on this trend.

So what I would like to do, is write compelling stories for other genre’s, sure I wouldn’t skip RPGs but i’d prefer to write something for an experimental game, or some kind of first person shooter.

That’s not to say I don’t want to write a novel or a screenplay, but I think as a viable career path it is certainly a way to go. And there will always be a need for entertainment, even in the darkest of times and the poorest of times, especially in those times actually, people turn to entertaining media to be well, entertained.

I’ve been playing a lot of games recently, and I think this has were that passion has come from, because I know from experience, a game with a compelling story is always better than a book or a film, because you’re a part of it. Sure you can get lost in a book and its world and its characters. Same with film and TV. But nothing will ever beat the level of immersion of a video game.

You can control the characters.
You can control the out come.
And just for a minute, you can get lost in a world that is at times less dark and depressing than the real world we live in.
Just for a minute, your mind can run free.


2 thoughts on “Video Game Stories: A Mini Essay/Rant

  1. Certainly a good point about lack of story line in certain video games. I’ve only heard good things about skyrim. It does seem like a lot of games with good story lines are RPGs, and personally, I think that might be a turn off for some people. First person shooter games definitely need some love in the story department. Fall-Out had a great one. Or would that be an RPG?

    1. Well, FallOut is made by the same company as Skyrim and Bethesda are known for their RPG’s, so of course, the game reflects that and is ultimately an RPG. Although it does have FPS elements obviously, it’s a RPG with FPS bits not an FPS with RPG bits (:

      I never got into FallOut too much, but then I never liked Oblivion aha, but after loving Skyrim so much I am tempted to go back and play through it definitely.

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