Come With Me – Another Excerpt

Here is another excerpt from very near the end of the story, what do you think (:?

  “This is it.”

“How do you know?”

“I’ve not felt a connection this strong to home since I was a child.”

“Do you know when?”

“Tomorrow, about an hour earlier than now.”

“That definite?”


There was not a single shred of doubt in her voice and I knew she was right, I could feel the energy in the air, I could feel it coating my skin, blanketing my entire being.

We were in another clearing, but this one a lot smaller than the last, again Lucy went to the middle of the clearing and danced from tree to tree, taking pleasure in the warmth of her connection home.

White lights started appearing in the air, floating upward, disappearing into the roof of the forest. The luminescence of the orbs bounced off her skin and made her almost glow. I tried to touch one of the lights and a shiver went through my entire body as it passed through my hand, ghostlike, as it wandered lazily upwards.

Lucy saw my attempt and reached out and plucked a light from the air. She closed her hand around it and blue light streaked through the cracks in her fingers. She opened her palm and perched in the middle was a butterfly, identical to the one from before.

“You’re amazing Lucy, beautiful.”

Lucy laughed then, notes of pure happiness ringing through the air, she wasn’t laughing at me, she was laughing with me, because I found myself laughing, every human emotion coursing through my body.


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