Come With Me – Excerpt

“We need to go back soon,” I said.

“Keyword, soon. Can you feel this?”


“This. The energy, circling around the clearing. The electric tension in the air.” As she said this I did start to feel what she was on about, there was a charge to the air, not unlike the feeling you get when you there is a storm coming, the sense of calm before the beating, downpour of rain. She span in a circle, finishing facing me in the middle of the clearing. Her hair started to flutter, blown by a non-existent breeze.

“I feel it,” I held out my hands and could feel the air being disturbed by my hands path, it was such a strange sensation to feel when you couldn’t see it, almost like the static pull from a balloon, but, different.

Lucy smiled at me and held her hand out, palm facing upwards. I placed my hand on top of hers, palms touching and suddenly images flooded into my mind.

Oceans crashed upon a shore, trees swaying in the wind, dark violet sky stretching in every direction, not a single cloud in sight. The imagine span and I was gazing upon two moons hanging low on the horizon, bright red orbs drifting heavenward.

I broke contact with her and the images faded and the warmth that had washed over me vanished, leaving me shivering. I dropped to my knees and held my head low.

“Home,” she said. “I’m lost and that’s home, and somewhere in this forest my world will join with this one and I will have a chance to go back, I’ll have five minutes from its opening to its close and if I’m not there then I’ll be stuck her forever.”

I didn’t say anything, I couldn’t think of anything worth saying, with the images came small pockets of knowledge and there felt like there wasn’t even room to think anymore. Eventually I raised my head and looked at Lucy straight in the eye.

“You’ll get home.”


6 thoughts on “Come With Me – Excerpt

  1. I love this! Really amazing piece. I adore the descriptiton of Lucy’s home and that brilliant last line. Please say you’ll write more? I want to find out if cutie Lucy gets back home.

    1. Thank you (: I am currently working on finishing it, it will be a 4000 word short story for my University assignment and I will of course post the full version as soon as it is complete, thanks for commenting!

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