I’ve Been So Useless…

…at keeping this blog up to date recently. I feel like I’m letting myself down, but there has been so many games that have come out recently and between playing them and writing a ton of words for University I’m just so worded out and uninspired to write anything else.

I started out at the beginning of this Academic year, so organised and fueled and ready to go and now I’m just swamped with so much stuff and I hate how I can’t keep this blog up to date aha. Luckily I’m on top of my work again now so if you bare with me I will deliver, you may just see a lot of blank days from me for a week or two but then I will be able to focus more on other things once Uni work is out of the way and I can set some time aside to write a couple of things for this blog and I can schedule them to post themselves.


One thought on “I’ve Been So Useless…

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