Skyrim Has Taken My Life

Since 11/11/11 I have done nothing else pretty much than just play Skyrim, well Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed, Uncharted 3, Battlefield etc. I haven’t got any work done basically, just relaxing playing video games aha, it got so bad over the next few days after Skyrim’s launch that I actually got cramp in my fingers from holding the controller. It was then I knew to stop aha.

I originally had Skyrim on the Xbox 360, but traded that in yesterday for the PC version, I didn’t think my PC would be able to handle it but after checking it turns out it does, it looks a lot nicer than on the Xbox and now I have the convenience of being able to use mods etc.

I plan to do some little fiction stories set in Skyrim based on my second character, Ashin the Khajiit Assassin. I’ve been so drawn into the world of Skyrim, it’s ridiculous, but I’ve managed to pull myself away now to do a little bit of work and obviously write this post.

Here is a picture of Ashin, hopefully if I get enough University work out of the way I’ll be able to write some of this fiction today.


3 thoughts on “Skyrim Has Taken My Life

  1. I am completely addicted too, be honest though… your planning on using the cheats too aren’t ya? lol

    1. Other than changing the field of view I’ve not used any cheats, apart from once I saved it then dicked around but then loaded up previous save, I’m in it for the mods really, adding new enemies and new mechanics etc 🙂

    2. Also, do you not find it ridiculously easy? When I played it on my xbox for some reason it defaulted to the hardest difficulty and I didn’t feel challenged too much at all, apart from certain bosses in the dungeons. On PC it’s defaulted to Adept which is even easier aha, although I’ve only done a few quests and I’m level 14, been making daggers and armour aha. My Xbox save had 30 hours on it and I was level 17, 7 hours on my PC one and im level 14, Smithing is the way to go aha.

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