​this is something I wrote a while back that I found whilst going through an old folder and figured I’d share it with the world because I really like it aha and see it going somewhere. Hope you enjoy!

​Darkness. Silence. Then all of a sudden the opposite. A blinding light shone forth and a noise akin to that of a thousand dying angels tore through the universe. This signified the apparition of an Aeon. She had travelled billions of light years to get to where she was right at this moment. A peel of thundering victory tore from her lips causing everything within miles to shake down to the core.
​This planet. This rock. It floats pitifully along its own path with no sun to guide it. This rock is a vessel for death and this is the reason she was here. Not for death in the sense you may think. But Death. Death as an entity.
​For within this “vessel” resides a being so vast that any normal race would go mental trying to fathom this creature. This thing is known as Deklonius or Ender of Worlds in the language of the Aeons. The reason the Aeon, known as Mother to the others of her race, is here, is to gain Deklonius’ trust and recruit him in her plan for revenge.

​Smiling, she stood there. She had done it. She had found Deklonius, Ender of Worlds. All she had to do now was get to him and convince him to listen to her before he had a chance to kill her.
​Looking upwards towards the sky she saw how high the cliff that he resided upon was. She also knew it would take all her energy to get to the top, ruling out an option to battle. She crouched down to the floor and with one giant leap she soared into the air, using her power to propel herself higher.
​Finally she slowed down just as she crested the top of the cliff face. Her feet stopped level to the floor and she stepped forward onto the solid footing that was the top of the cliff. Deklonius was at the edge to greet her, he looked down at the Aeon in growled in disgust. He stepped forward meaning to crush mother under his gigantic foot, but his foot met no resistance and when he look she was not there, she had used the last shreds of her power to transport herself out of danger.
​“Wait!” She panted at the creatures back as she fell to her knees.
​As it turned around she raised her head up and looked at the creature properly for the first time. It was made up of what could only be called ‘death’. It was a thing of black mist, absorbing what little light there was from the dying sun. Smoky tendrils protruded from its body, licking the dead, stale air around it, searching for more life to consume. The only colours on this creature were its blood red eyes and pure white, horrific, teeth.
​“Why should I listen to you, she-who-once-was-Eleanor?” Said Deklonius, in his hollow, dead voice.

​“You should listen to me because I have an offer for you! A new planet with life! We both know this planet cannot keep you alive for much longer and you have devoured everything within this solar system.” Mother answered, hiding very well the doubt she was now feeling towards her plan.
​Moments passed while Deklonius thought about the offer. Mother used these moments to ‘refocus’ as much of her energy as she could. When Aeons use energy to perform their talents, that energy will always come back to them, but it is not focused so they can perform less and less great magic until they refocus all the un-focused energy. Mother, being the most powerful Aeon, can refocus her energy in a fraction of the time it would take her offspring to, therefore in the short time Deklonius took to think she was back to nearly full power.
​Out of nowhere Deklonius attacked. Her instincts saved her only just at this unexpected attack and she leaped away. Cursing herself for letting her guard down she took stock of Deklonius and started to look for some way of beating him into submission but as powerful as she was she was not sure if she could best him in a battle.


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