Final Draft of Proposal

You’ll have to forgive the bad formatting WordPress really doesn’t like copy and paste. After much deliberation below is the final draft of my proposal, unless there is anything that needs tidying up, but that’s just housekeeping stuff obviously. Enjoy!

Proposal: Rise
A drama presented as three hour long specials to be aired on BBC One at 9.00pm on a Saturday and it is targeted at an audience aged 16-35.
An apparent solar explosion kills most people who was outside in the sun, some though have survived, and they’ve been changed. Now, the world is too hot to go outside in during the day and any survivors have been told to migrate to the cooler places of earth, but the heat is the least of the worlds problems. Rise focuses on a small group of survivors who are trying to get to Greenland through Canada’s Barren Grounds. Leroy is ex-police, resigning after he failed to save his wife in a shooting he got called to five years ago. He is the leader of a group of survivors; Calum (his 14 year old son), Jane and Sarah. He chooses to lead them to prove he is capable of protecting his loved ones, especially his son.
The story opens with the group breaking into a shack in the middle of a charred field. David, Sarah’s husband, elects to check the perimeter is safe for when they sleep. A scarred Marauder grabs David silently knocks him unconcious and throws him in a pit that is covered in aluminium sheets which focus the sunlight, then runs off. When he doesn’t return the others search for him. They hear him shouting, not far away from the shack. They find him and have no way of getting him out. An alarm on Leroy’s watch signals they need to get back inside, before the sun comes up. Sarah won’t leave but David tells Leroy to take care of her, Leroy agrees and grabs Sarah and tells the others to run. The sun starts to rise on the horizon. The group manage to get through the door and Sarah screams and tries to get back out but Leroy restrains her. The sun rises fast and we hear David scream in pain in the distance. Leroy tries to calm Sarah, she sits sobbing in the corner. Leroy struggles with the fact he failed to save someone else. Jane tries to comfort him, being flirtatious. Leroy doesn’t notice; he then notices Calum is missing. Leroy goes to find Calum and finds him creeping slowly up the stairs from the basement. Leroy tells him he can’t keep wandering off, Calum just wanted to see how hot it actually was. The following night the group break camp, Sarah wants to see David, Leroy tells her it’s best to remember him how he was. The group are walking along a highway towards a service station. Rounding a bend they see three Marauders pulling dead people out of cars. The service station is behind them. Sarah in a rage runs towards them, angry at David’s death. Leroy runs forward gun in hand. He can’t take a shot because of Sarah. Sarah grabs one of the Marauders and wrestles it to the floor and starts attacking it. She picks up a rock from nearby and bashes the Marauder in the head killing it. The other two go for Sarah. Leroy catches up and pulls Sarah away. The Marauders turn on Leroy. Calum picks up debris from the floor and throws it. One turns and leaps inhumanely towards Calum. Shocked, Leroy pushes away his assailant then pulls off a shot at the Marauder that is going towards Calum. The bullet takes the Marauder in the head. Leroy is bit by his assailant. The attacker goes down, a shot from the service station. A group of people shout at Leroy to get inside with his group. A hooded figure observes the group from a far, his face is covered. The stations survivors tend to Leroy whilst telling him that they think the sun exploding was a form of hell exploding and that the Marauders are evil spirits, they managed to capture one. That’s how they explain their developing “powers”. Sarah believes them. That day whilst the group sleep, something calls Calum’s name, he goes to investigate. The hooded man captures him. Leroy wakes, looking around he can’t see Calum. Whilst he searches frantically he hears screams from the back of the building. He rushes in, gun in hand. The hooded figure stand with a stone in one hand, Calum’s throat in the other. He crushes the stone to dust to show he is strong. He unravels his scarf and shows that a lot of his burns have healed, they’ll soon be indistinguishable from other humans. It wants to trade Calum for Sarah, explaining he can feed off her pain. Leroy uses police tactics to manoeuvre around the Marauder and eventually manages to shoot but a ricochet hits Calum in the shoulder. Jane and Leroy tend to Calum, he should be okay. Jane tries to kiss Leroy, he accepts and Calum sees after waking briefly. Calum rolls over, a tear rolling down his cheek.
In the next episode, Leroy has to cope with his feelings for Jane, Sarah’s anger over David’s death grows worse and Calum’s wound becomes infected. They make it to the Barren Grounds but it looks near impassable because of floods.


2 thoughts on “Final Draft of Proposal

  1. Nit picking now but run a spell & grammar check before you submit this coupleof things need corrected e.g. ‘Were’ not ‘Was’ outside. Otherwise keeping fingers crossed and looking forward to hearing how you get on with it

    1. Thanks a lot I’ll change that now aha, its because I’ve been through it and chopped it up so much, I need to do a fine sweep with a fresh head which is what I shall do today aha, I present it tomorrow so whereas I won’t find out my mark for a while I’ll get more feedback and I en have chance to change it before the deadline next week.

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