The proposal…

…is starting to turn a bit supernatural in this draft, which is ironic because the first idea that I discarded had supernatural elements to it. I’ve saved this Draft as “Rise DRAFT 3A” though cause I’m going to have to play around with the mechanics of it to make it work. For those who have read Draft 2 I posted earlier, do you think supernatural elements would work?


6 thoughts on “The proposal…

    1. I meant Supernatural as in the actual word, not the TV show, thinking the sun exploding was actually something a kin to “Hell” being let out onto the world etc,

      . A group of people shout at Leroy to get inside with his group. A hooded figure observes the group from a far, his face is covered. The stations survivors tend to Leroy whilst telling him that they think the sun exploding was hell exploding and that the Marauders are evil spirits. That’s how they explain their developing “powers”. Sarah believes them. That day whilst the group sleep, Calum wanders off to look at toys. The hooded man captures him. Leroy wakes, looking around he can’t see Calum. Whilst he searches frantically he hears screams from the back of the building. He rushes in, gun in hand. The hooded figure stand with a stone in one hand, Calum’s throat in the other. He crushes the stone to dust to show he is strong. He unravels his scarf and shows that a lot of his burns have healed, they’ll soon be indistinguishable.

  1. Okay, who’s the hooded figure? I like the supernatural element with hell exploding and Marauders as evil spirits. I think this facet is important. The supernatural has become quite popular on TV, people are wanting more of it, and this will have end-timers thrilled.

    1. I was thinking of the Hooded Figure being sort of like Leroy, an appointed Leader. He can remember a bit of his past life but he is more evil than good. I like the idea of their wounds starting to heal so they become just as “normal” as humans and they can’t tell them apart, thanks for getting back to me, I agree about supernatural being all the rage, a series in England just finished airing called The Fades, it was amazing.

  2. Wow! I think there’s always a market for supernatural but I think you have a couple of clear possibilities here – either the traditional kind of thing where something in the sun storm’s rays has interacted to cause this and it’s a kind of scientific supernaturalness (is that a word?.. oh well it is now!) Or you could go into an American Gods style of supernatural. I like the doors you’re opening for yourself, looking forward to seeing how this pans out

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