Picture It & Write

It’s that time again, I know it’s late in the week (only two days I guess), but Ermilia’s Blog have again posted another Picture It & Write, and here is the picture, followed by my submission.

The heavens tore open, lightning the colour of the ocean tore forth across the skyline. They were coming. Figures emerged through the cracks, the sky was ablaze. Scream of terror from the children of Earth below echoed through the night. The roars of the Enemy ripped from the sky and deafened those below. The sky grew steadily brighter and brighter until eventually it was as light as day. To the horizon and back green lightning cracked open the sky, blinding people. The Enemy roaring, deafening. Within minutes Earth was devoured. Inhaled, churned into nothingness in the emptiness of the Enemy.

The Enemy moved on.

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6 thoughts on “Picture It & Write

  1. Total hairs standing up on the back of the neck stuff! Though I must admit I’d like a wee line or two more about the ‘nothingness’ left behind.

    1. Thanks! It wasn’t supposed to come across like it was “left behind”, ie, there is nothing to leave behind “The Enemy” had just, ripped it from existence and I thought it worked well with the “…ness” of both words, what do you think (:?

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