Draft Proposal Complete

A Solar Flare, image taken by the TRACE satell...
Solar Flare via Wikipedia

I know I failed at writing yesterday aha, something came up unfortunately but I’m back today! And I am back to tell you that I have finally finished my draft proposal of a two part drama I have come up with which I have to write the opening first ten minutes of for my University assignment, depending what feedback I get on the ten minutes and my proposal when I present it next week I may actually work on it properly and write both parts of it. Read the synopsis after the jump.

When the sun rises, the world burns. In the near future there is an unpredicted solar flare that knocks out most of the world’s communication and an expansion of the sun makes the world too hot to venture outside through the day. So during the night time, everything and everyone comes out to make their way to the “cold regions” that the Government have suggested in the far North and South.

That is a mini synopsis for it, the actual document is 802 words so I won’t post it here, plus I don’t think it’s a good idea considering it is clearly going to earn me like £1bn pounds duh.

But from the mini synopsis what do you think?


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