My Weakness Is Kryptonite

At the group interview I had yesterday for Gamestation, we were asked what our biggest weaknesses were, and some guy couldn’t think of one so another guy in the interview told him to say Kryptonite, and it was all a good giggle aha.

My housemate (who’s blog can be founded here) asked me if I had got the job this morning because I was told I would hear before 12, and I hadn’t so I said no probably not and put a little sad face “:(“

But then just before 1 I got the phone call, yayyyy. I am so happy I finally have a job again and I am also super happy that it is at Gamestation, I’ve been wanting to work at Gamestation for so long and I finally am aha, I can’t wait to wear their “player” t-shirts aha.

I start on November 1st for a 9 hour shift aha, can’t wait, although that was the day of my driving test, so I’ve had to change the date for that aha, but that’s okay the longer I put it off the more lessons I’ll be able to get in between aha. That’s me done for the day unfortunately because I won’t be near my computer for the rest of the day, so I hope you all enjoy your days. Cheeribye.


4 thoughts on “My Weakness Is Kryptonite

    1. Heya, Thanks 😀

      Erm well I’ve heard they’re all different but I’ll tell you what I had to do at my Gamestation interview and what I had to do at my Game interview.

      We all sat in a big room, facing the front etc. Then the manager and the assistant manager basically introduced themselves and told us what we were going to do over the space of the interview which was three things:
      1. Be given a partner and then we had to find out about their working history for ten minutes and vice versa then we all had to remember what we were told and present it back to the group, this was sat down in our chairs though, no standing up in front of everyone.
      2. We were then asked a few questions and were told we didn’t have to answer if we didn’t want to or couldn’t think of anything, if we did want to we put our hand up and then said our name and our answer. The games ranged from, what is good customer service to what consoles do you own and what is your favourite game. I went back in on Friday and spoke to one of the people who interviewed me and asked who else got the job because there were 6 position available, a few of them did, the ones who didn’t were either obnoxious or too quiet. For example, the guy who couldn’t think of anything for his weakness (what this post is about) he said his weakness was not being talkative, needless to say he didn’t get the job. Oh another thing, when we reported back about our partner, one guy who didn’t get the job said his partner “couldn’t hold down a job”. And his answer to “How would a loved one describe you in one word.” was a word in Japanese and when asked what console’s he owned he listed basically every console ever made xD.
      3. We then had a “one on one” interview, called down to the office one at a time and this was a bit I was worrying about but they only asked me one question which was, “If you saw someone you work with giving away for free something worth £4.99 what would you do?” So I said “Tell a manager” and that seemed to be an okay answer because I got the job, they then asked my availability, and because other than Monday and Thursday mornings I can work every day they were really impressed with that aha, probably another reason I got the job aha.

      Okay next,
      Game Interview:
      We were sat around a table, about 6 of us, there was 10 in my Gamestation interview, and we did a little ice breaker saying our name and favourite console I think, we then had to fill in a form with questions on about our past work and places we had good customer service, while we did this we were took down stairs one by one and asked to “sell” a console we don’t own to the interviewer and then went back upstairs. Once everyone had been taken off we then had a chat and spoke aloud some of the answers we wrote on the paper, one of the questions was “If you could be any game character who would you be and why?”

      Thats all for the Game interview, I have heard though at Gamestation and Game that they sometimes ask you to sell a random object, for example a calculator aha. Anyways, good luck and let me know how it goes (:

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