Picture It & Write

Again the people over at Ermilia’s blog have posted another Picture It & Write article. For those who don’t know what this is, they post a picture and then write a brief story about the image. They then ask for you to join in, your can either carry on their story or write your own. You can also do poetry and even something in another language (providing there is a translation posted along with it). I encourage everyone to give it a go because it helps get the “creative juices” flowing. My entry is below the image. (Now can I just say I love this picture.)

I could on help think, how I became to be disgraced. I wore the markings of shame, a black banner inked across my face. It showed that I had wrong my people and that I had been exiled.

I wore these markings with pride.
I wore these markings with my head held high because I knew I had done the right thing.

As I had grown up I became aware that the “rituals” of my tribe felt wrong. They would invade the neighbouring  villages and rape and pillage. They would burn down the houses and steal the food from their already meager stores.

I understood the need for survival, but surely we could have befriended the other tribes. I mean even stealing the food stealthily would have been better. But killing and defiling innocents, that was different. They couldn’t see it but I could feel it in my gut it was wrong.

I spoke out against my tribes chief, he called me a fool and it was the way of the tribe. “Live how we please, take what we please. Live happily.” Why should we struggle? He would say. We are better than them they, he would say. He was not one to hurt one of their own blood, instead I was exiled.

So now I wander alone. I survive. I am proud.

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