Hush, Hush Now.

So I’m just going to come out and say it, I’m one of those people that buys on impulse. It

has got me many things I’ve loved and many things I’ve hated. With the advent of smartphones though come’s a slight assurance that I can easily check whether what I am buying is going to be any good or not by doing a quick search for reviews and ratings.

That in mind today I was food shopping and took a stroll down the book aisle in the supermarket. And in said book isle was the cover art you can see.

Instantly my curiosity was piqued. It clearly portrays what this book is going to be about. An Angel…a fallen Angel.

I went over and saw that the book was only £4.50, I checked the Kindle Store and saw that is was £4.99 on there so I figured I’d buy the book. I checked the reviews and saw it had been on the New York Times Bestseller List, and as has been proven before most of the books on there are actually quite good.

The basic premise is a love story about a girl, Nora, who falls in love with a fallen angel, Patch. I have only read the prologue, on the bus on the way home. I am going to finish the Dean Koontz book I am reading at the moment and then go on to this. I can tell it is going to be in the same league as Twilight, being a Young Fantasy Romance Novel. But I like to keep an open mind about these sorts of things. I have a wide taste in novels, from horror and mystery to fantasy and sci-fi and to romance.

Back to the prologue, it was so well written and the description was amazing, you really get a sense of the setting and the dialogue between the two characters that are featured flows well.

I will write a review for the book once I have finished it. I can normally tell straight away whether I am going to like a book or not and I think this will be one that I like.



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