GAME Interview!

Nintendo DSi
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So I had my interview at GAME today. I was a little nervous as is normal but surprisingly once I was inside it pretty much abated. After all it was a group of males with a passion for games, we were hardly short of anything to talk about.

We took it in turn to go down stairs and do a roleplay scenario were we had to sell a console that wasn’t in our comfort zone, i.e, one we didn’t own. She said her daughter has a DSi and wanted a 3DS so obviously I mentioned about trade-ins and stuff, all in all I think I did pretty well.

Whilst she was with the other candidates one by one I was upstairs with the rest of them. We ended up just talking about games of course, and it was actually a really good laugh and I enjoyed it a lot aha.

I read online that we had to do stuff like sing on Singstar and Just Dance. Someone’s experience they had to sell an unrelated object like a calculator etc. Luckily I had to “sell” something I was interested in so it was pretty cool.

We also spoke about which video game character I would like to be, and I picked Samus Aran. My reasoning being that even though she is female and I’m male, we both share a sense of bad ass adventure aha.

All in all a good day, topped off with Chinese Takeout and wine!


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