Starting Driving Lesson Again

…I really don’t want to. My enthusiasm for it has completely gone, but I want to get it finished as soon as possible. Failed my test twice now, quite disheartening. The silver lining of it though is the fact that hopefully my lack of caring will help me do well in my test, let me lower my nerves and focus more on just..driving.

In other news, I managed to get an interview at one of the GAME’s in town, I really hope I get this job, not only do I love games, I love money, and earning money by working with games…pretty self explanatory really isn’t it! It’s a group interview though I REALLLLY don’t like group interviews, but I can see this as a challenge to myself, TO MAN THE FUCK UP SOLDIER. I want this job a lot so I’ll just put all my energy into it.

Either that or murder all the other candidates, wheyyyy.

Time to go grab a shower and get dressed, ughhh.


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