50 Word Story – There’s A Storm A’brewin’

A cloud forms, the air grows cold. The blue day suddenly gone grey, the moisture in pressing against my cheeks. The rain stars to fall and the air becomes charged, you can feel the lightning brewing up above. Charging. Collecting. Ready to unleash it’s destruction on the tallest structures around.


Here is the latest 50 word story, hope you like it. It’s inspired by this northern weather here in England, we have had a mini heat wave the past couple of days and just as suddenly as it began now it has ended and is raining again.

I learnt something cool whilst writing this story.
I always struggle with certain words, normally using the americanised version. Is it Grey or Gray?

In answer when I googled it I found a very useful technique aha.

grAy is from America.
grEy is from England.

It’s true, you really do learn something new every day!


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