Picture It & Write – My Submission

So someone commented on my blog earlier and I took a look at their blog and found this post.

It basically shows a picture and the author wrote a story based on the picture and asked people to do the same and this is my submission, which I also posted onto the comments section. Below is the picture followed by the story.

Rain ran down the windows of the car, almost like an exaggerated version of the tears which ran down my cheeks. The light was diffused through the rain and tears, blinding me further. ‘Good’, I think in a moment of childishness. For why would I want to look upon a world so ugly? My life had been taken from me, and all I could think was how I wanted to take my own. That’s not what she would have wanted. That’s not what she wants. I need to carry on forward.

I take a breath, bury the emotions deep down. I reach for the ignition and switch on the engine of the car. It roars to life, mimicking how my heart used to sound. Blinded by the lights and deafened by the roar I set off into the rain, such a pathetic fallacy.

I go on for her. It’s what she’d want.


19 thoughts on “Picture It & Write – My Submission

    1. No worries (: If you like you can follow my main account on twitter @dan_pos

      It’s a really good idea isn’t it, I’m glad I stumbled across it!

  1. That was really intriguing. I really want to know their back-story, what drove them to think like that? I love exercises like this, and I might try it out myself on my own blog. Thanks for posting it.

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