Learning Journal!?

What is this! For Creative Writing this semester I have two parts to my assignment, a 4000 word short story and a learning journal and reflection essay.

Each of those thing are worth 50% of my final mark.

That has only just dawned on me properly aha, but so has the fact that really 4000 words is nothing either. The articles I write on here that are like 600+ words normally on take around 20-30 minutes so 4000 words isn’t much, 4000 GOOD words on the other hand?

And what are you even supposed to write in a learning journal. I have a good thing I can write about going through the idea generation but we have to look at research, that is the bit that I’m going to struggle with the most. I like to write in my own style and my own way and I haven’t read any short stories that have inspired me to think I want to write in that style. I guess I’ll have to get reading then. Damn.


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