Blackpool SandAid – Get Them to Number 1 For Charity!

Blackpoool Sand Aid ArtworkBlackpool’s music scene has really developed over the years.

As a spotty teenagers I used to go to gigs in a town called Bispham, just on the outskirts of Blackpool to listen to a band called Fish Without Water, and when I say listen to a band called Fish Without Water, what I really mean is to get pissed.
But the fact still remains that I was there, and because I was there I made friends with people who liked music and then their friends liked music and making music and so on and so forth and since then these people have gone on to be in bands and make music and get somewhere in the five years since the good old days.

So the music of Blackpool holds a place in my heart, even if the bands are unrelated to what I used to listen to and do in my teenage years (god I feel old saying that, but twenty doesn’t have the “teen” in it anymore, sigh), I still like to keep an ear out for news and events etc.

Developed straight from the music scene in Blackpool is a band called SandAid. I use the term loosely, as they aren’t exactly a band, but a group made of members from lots of different local bands. Just like BanAid, oh..wait.

And also like BandAid they have made a single to raise money for charity. The charity is BBC’s Children in Need and they are hoping this single will make it to the Christmas number one spot. I know this is a very optimistic goal with the XFactor finalist going for the spot to, but anything can happen especially with Rage Against The Machine getting to the top spot back in 2009.

The good thing about SandAid’s single, which is called “We’ve Still Got Christmas,” is that it is a true Christmas song, like back in the good old days. Here is what SandAid have to say about it, straight from their Facebook page (opens in new tab),

We all grew up hearing traditional and fun Christmas songs, released year after year from the artists we all knew and loved….and then it all changed. We want our kids to grow up with the same tradition that we have experienced, and as a result, we have written a fantastic ‘anthemic’ song, which we hope will capture the hearts of the nation.

The official launch night for SandAid’s single is Friday 18th November and will be hosted at The Rose and Crown and Beat Night Club in the Town Centre of Blackpool, and luckily this date coincides with the actual day of Children in Need. The event will be filmed live by Globegig and streamed over their website.

The launch night will include many things from fundraising activities to the chance to buy a physical copy of the actual single.

Once again here is the link to SandAid’s official Facebook page:

You can also follow them on Twitter here:!/SandAid

If you “Like” or “Follow” the whole thing on one of those pages you should be able to find out when and where you can buy the single from. I will try to post something if I can as well.

Try to support these guys as much as you can, even if you hate Blackpool and you Christmas do you really hate those more than ANOTHER horrible XFactor song playing in your ears all over the Christmas period?


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