Things are being done.

I’ve not managed to post anything in a while due to being ill and having University related stuff to do, but I’m back in control now, and I have some news.

I may be able to get a professional writing job, writing promotional material for a new charity that is being set up.

Other news includes I have finally started to properly plan a novel, and I intend to write it from start to finish. I was just going to do what I always do, have a vague idea in my head and then just sit and try to write it, but I always get bored and lost in what I am doing doing it that way, so what I have been doing now is setting time aside most nights to write in my notepad, about the world and the back story, which for what I want to write is really important. This is because the back story comes into the reality. My idea has already undergone huge changes, for example the ending I was looking for ideas and my girlfriend suggested something that I took on board and I’ve worked it over and that is how the story shall end.

I have lots of planning to do before I lay pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard as it will be. I plan to make character biog’s for the main characters and for the world map, I had an awesome idea. I’m going to use a map editor for Minecraft to view the whole world, take a chunk from it and work around that as my world map.

I have my first lessons back at University next week so from the outset I will be creating new content and I will post about them too here and also publish any stories I write in my fiction workshop, which I can’t wait to start again.


2 thoughts on “Things are being done.

  1. Sounds like you’re at the start of a journey, which ever one it may turn out to be. It is an exciting place to be, though it doesn’t seem like it at the time. Best of luck with it all.

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