CV Nightmare

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Gahhhh, who knew updating your CV to the best possible way would be so time consuming, not only that but having to write a covering letter to.

Today I went to a career information session at my University and we got a load of useful hints and tips on how to update our CV’s to get the job we had all applied for and also advice on how to get an acceptable and professional covering letter. It was really useful but coming home and changing both my CV and my covering letter is hard, deleting words of the page and writing new ones, I should be used to it from drafting stories and scripts but when it comes to finding a job all I want to do is get it over and done with and sent off, but at the end of the day hopefully it will pay off.

The employability centre here at the University of Central Lancashire is a very good centre, even just the building it is in, all glass and white smooth plastic and screens on the walls.

There are a lot of advice and leaflets on offer and you can arrange appointments to have your CV looked at etc, if you come to UCLan you should really check it out, you can look at the website here.

Want to know a pro-tip?
When you’re going for certain types of jobs, don’t just hand out the a regular CV make sure you update it to make it relevant to the job, the CV and Covering Letter should go hand in hand.

Now to write ANOTHER cover letter for ANOTHER job aha.


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