Got so much stuff done today.

So today has been one of the most productive days for me in a long time aha.

I managed to apply for two jobs and do some more blog related stuff behind the scenes, for example I managed to get a big email sent to a lot of people regarding Less Talky More Shooty, I have sent out the email to tutors in relevant subjects to the blog and have asked them to pass it on to their students, so hopefully if a few of them do that I will get some interest in the blog and get a few new users who would like to post to it, have a nice little community going on over there.

Mean while I need to start looking into how I can provide some form of basic writing service and get some flyers printed off somewhere in time for the Freshers fare so I can go hand those out and hopefully get some more interest in this blog going, even if not for the services but to have a few more active users, I’m starting to get a few more subscribers from time to time now.

That reminds me, even if you don’t have a wordpress account and do not want to sign up for one, you can still sign up for alerts by email to new posts from me and they will be delivered straight to your inbox. The box to do that is just over there on the right, a nice simple and easy way to keep up to date.

I have my driving test on Wednesday, second one, hopefully I will pass this time aha, one can only hope. It would be nice to get that out of the way, the only bad thing if I do though will be I will have to fish out my passport from wherever it is hiding for ID to get some alcohol to celebrate. I don’t think Sprite and a Twix will cover the celebrations, although I could kill for a Twix and some Sprite right now.

Any way I will let you go now, you can go back about your business and back to your lives. I’ll post any new information about job updates and blog related stuff when and as it happens.

Oh, one last thing before I go, I have made another Wallpaper like the one I did for this website, but for LTMS, it is a Minecraft wallpaper I made from screenshots I took myself, it’s quite basic, but is Full HD and looks very nice, head on over to here if you would like to have a peek.



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