Less Talky More Shooty

Now I have more time on my hands I can focus more on my other blog Less Talky More Shooty.

For those who missed my original post in July about it, it is the location of all my gaming reviews and articles that used to here. I am opening the doors though for this blog and I want to get a decent sized group of like minded people to write on there. So far I have two people who are interested and if you have, or know any one who has, a love of writing and/or games who wants to be part of this blog then feel free to get in touch through the contact page at the top. You need a wordpress account to be able to become a user on the blog.

If you contact me include the url for your blog so I can check out your stuff, because obviously to make it looks nice and professional the quality of the writing has to be consistent, and good obviously.

In other news, when I get the time I am going to do a little research into writing for commission and set up my own cheap rates and try and spread the word about myself, it will help me earn a little money on the side if at all possible.

This might include some basic photoshop work and like card designs maybe, probably not but if I can see how it could work I think that will be an option, even if not straight away.


Let's Talk

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