Harry Potter MMORPG?

Harry Potter
Harry Potter

Recently I have been getting back into World of Warcraft, had rekindled my love for RPG’s (role-playing games). I recently bought Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which I really like, although I seem to suck at it at the moment. Call of Duty has made me think left trigger is aim down sights, whereas in DE-HR it puts you into cover, sticking you to the nearest effing wall, even if the enemies you were attacking can still see you there.

But anyway yeah, back on track, I have been really keen on RPG’s recently and with Harry Potter now having come to end with the books having been long since complete and the movies more recently being complete, it needs something new.

I know there is “Pottermore” coming out, which I haven’t read much in to, seems just like a fanfic website with maybe some new content from JK Rowling? Who knows, I’ll read up on it when I can be bothered.

The new thing that I propose is a Harry Potter MMO, doesn’t necessarily have to be an RPG I guess but it would be doable, it could be a MMOS (Multi-Massive Online Simulation). Think the Sims x Harry Potter x Second Life.

I think the RPG side would work like this:

-You create a character, preferably with lots of customisation options to help differentiate between the characters.
-You can choose a background, for example. Mudblood, Pure Blood or Half Blood.
-When the hat sorts you, it is done by answering a little questionnaire or you could just pick which house you want to be in I guess, or have both as an available option?
-You are then in the world of Hogwarts, the tutorials can be classes you have to do, including homework etc, you can earn bad points for getting someone else to do your homework or you can do your own for good points. Don’t know how the points would work?
-Outside of the tutorial there are your typical quests from NPCs, fellow students and teachers.
-The Quests could lead you to all different sorts of areas. The Vaults of Gringotts, The Forbidden Forest, The Chamber of Secrets, Diagon Alley, Hogsmead etc.
-Obviously for a form of “Mount” you can get brooms, maybe even some certain types of character/class can see and ride Thestrals.
-Depending on the content you could use the “years” of Hogwarts as follow on expansions or introduce new story elements and locations and use those as expansions, I know it would be hard to have a huge world, but Hogwarts is pretty big and indepth, with lots of secret passageways etc and special rooms.
– Quidditch of course would be fully playable and so would wizarding duels. As a global even there could be a twist on the Triwizard Tournament.

The list could go on and on, if you want to comment with any of your suggestions below we could have a bigger list. For example how would the magic work? How about levels and Exp how would they work?

Of course it may indeed struggle for content with a lot of the story being set in Hogwarts but new content could easily be created. And some is set in London which could feature in the game.

Of course it could just be a regular RPG, not need for the MMO bit, but of course it would be fun to be able to play with friends. Maybe co-op instead of Multiplayer on the scale of WoW. Co-op over Xbox Live, PSN and on the PC.

According to a post I read a while ago EA, who hold the creative licence for Harry Potter games (as far as I am aware), where going to make a Harry MMO but scrapped the idea, so it is not impossible to imagine something in the works or easily being created.

What do you think? Would this soar to success, or would it be doomed to die?

This is something I will probably be thinking about a lot, coming up with more ideas it would be fun to write them all down and send them to EA.



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