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MineCraft Adventure Update
MineCraft Adventure Update

I have become addicted to MineCraft again I fear. Not addicted but close.

I have finally got my head around mods and they make the gameplay so much more fun, the best has got to be the Zeppelin Mod, which allows you to build a ship and add a craftable block and it auto-detects your craft and allows control of the craft with the Numpad (these buttons are configurable though so useful for if you don’t have a numpad).

I have found a really awesome seed for a world and have started to build a castle and air dock close by each other. There is something just so therapeutic about building in MineCraft, it lets you just relax and get lost in the world and your own thoughts.

I have started playing around with a craftbukkit server now and love the plug-ins you can get for it, MineCraft is very fun sure, but without mods I think I would get bored again.

But is all that going to change?

MineCraft 1.8 should hopefully be released soon and it includes so many new features, including Sprinting, Experience, Rivers, Deep Oceans and The Endermen.

Out of the list of updated mechanics and features the new mobs, The Endermen are my favourite. The Enderman are dark mobs with glowing white eyes that just move blocks around, and will ignore you…as long as you keep your eyes averted. If you look at them, as in if you physically put your cursor over them they will stop what they are doing and stare at you. But still they won’t attack.

But as soon as you look away, they will either sprint at you or teleport and start attacking. I’m not sure how powerful these mobs will be but they sound so scary.

The Endermen
The Endermen

With the addition of these mobs, the lore and mythos of MineCraft is starting to expand and be created. Considering there is no story about MineCraft there are certain things starting to develop into ways of making a story. For example, The Far Lands, about 2,500,000 blocks away from the centre of the map. The game starts to lag, physics start getting buggy and the map starts generation random structures that make no sense.

On top of that the mobs having names allow them to be incorporated into stories, i.e. Creepers and The Endermen.

Even “The Player” has an unofficial name, called “Steve?” by Notch, the lead on the team responsible for creating MineCraft. The question mark is Notch’s way of avoiding officially naming the character.

Another addition to the ability of a MineCraft lore forming is in the new addition, the maps will generate NPC villages, whether NPC’s will be in the villages or not has yet to be announced, but it might make the game lose some of the appeal of being the only person in that world.

On top of NPC villages, ruins are going to be added. Randomly generated ruins will be made with a distinct look allowing for more room for The Player to go exploring, these will definitely be fun on SMP with a friend.

NPC Villages
NPC Villages

The Update dubbed MineCraft: Adventure Mode is looking to be a sterling addition to the already amazing game that is MineCraft.

All the stuff I have spoke about concerning the Lore of MineCraft makes me want to write a short story, maybe about a Steve? and The Endermen? Who know’s what I will get up to when I have some free time. Another thing that I am toying with is making some MineCraft videos and putting them on YouTube, I think I will do that once I have my iMac though so I won’t get too much lag in the recordings.

– Daniel


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