Finally Getting Back In To Writing

So as the title says I am finally getting back in to writing, with me updating this site more and also planning out a story that I want to write.

I keep starting and stopping stories and have a folder on my PC with lots of little folders and word documents unfinished. But my flaw is I will sit and try and write without having anything planned and I just got lost and confused. Swamped in my own words and thoughts. So I have decided upon a new tactic.

I am writing out the story in basic terms, from start to end i.e, “they did this and then they did this and then this happened.” Once I have a couple of pages with the whole story wrote out from start to end like this I will then be able to just sit and write the story without worrying about where it is going and how the characters will get from A to B. As well as doing this I am going to do a sort of timeline of the whole story. More structure is definitely what I need.

Not only am I doing it because I like writing, if I can keep this up until I start University again I will be in the writing mood and will be able to get my creative energies flowing easier aha.

Juggling writing this with working full time though, it’s hard. I hate my job aha.

I have applied for a job at Waterstone’s, an English book shop, that is hiring temporary staff for the Christmas period. This means I’ll be leaving my permanent job for something that will come to an end, but I’m fed up of working for the Co-Op, I don’t careeee which aisle the beans are on, I don’t caaareeee if we sell popcorn. 

I would care about having a nice conversation with someone about which books I think they would like.

…unless of course they are buying another biography of Jordan’s.


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