A Levels Results!

I would like to just say congratulations to everyone who passed their a levels and have now got into University. Even if it is through clearing, you’re in!

Don’t be disappointed, be happy, you are about to have the best three years of your life.

What results did you get?

What Universities are going to?

I missed that part of my life, I got a BTEC in Games Design and managed to get into University based on my results and a portfolio. I then swapped courses whilst already in the University and no-one checked my grades….shhh.

So now I do Screenwriting and Creative Writing, but hey, I’m getting good grades and am about to start my third year at University, so it goes to show that having qualifications isn’t TOO important. I mean I have five GCSE’s and a one year BTEC (which is the equivalent of 2 A levels or something)

…if grades aren’t that important, please remind me why I’m studying again?


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