Not long now!

Not long till University starts again, and I can’t wait. I miss being productive and I hate spending all my time working at Co-Op, it is seriously soul destroying I wish I had a job I actually enjoyed. But it pays the bills I guess, I wouldn’t have lasted the summer without it but that’s not the point aha.

Managed to sell my computer today for £100, been ripped off a little but I’m not too bothered, it’s more money toward my iMac in September. I’m so fed up of waiting now, I just want it sat in front of me and I want to be touching it’s buttons and taking cheesy photographs that are “pop art” in photobooth (is that even included on OS X anymore? I assume so.)

24 days till next pay day, I’m sure I’ll be able to wait, well I’m going to have to, but I can still crave it aha.

Back to the University thing, I am hopefully going to be able to do a film production elective so I can get some videos made and learn a little more about the process which I’ve already researched a lot of myself.

I hope I can get on it, if not I’ll just have to make my own without the help aha.

I promise come September I will be able to start putting more stuff up on here, I’m fed up of having a blog that I don’t post to.

Keep reading guys (:


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