Torchwood: Miracle Day

Unfortunately I’ve not had the chance to write anything recently due to moving home and focusing on learning to drive and studying for my theory test, which I did last month and passed. Now it’s all about focusing on my Practical Test. Since moving in to my new home I haven’t had the internet, and more than likely won’t now for another month due to complications with not having an active phone line in the house. That said I am going to still try to post things as often as possible now I have settled in and can use my Mobile Broadband Dongle and my house mates unlimited internet mobile broadband.

And what better time to start writing than after the UK debut of the latest season of Torchwood.

Torchwood: Miracle Day is the latest season of the Doctor spin off show Torchwood. This series is a ten episodes long and has been produced in the US by BBC America instead of BBC Wales. So obviously it has been americanised, but that isn’t that much of a problem, I mean America makes some good drama’s and the writer is still Russell T Davies.

The episode over all was good but was over quite quickly and instead of leaving me wanting more it left me unsatisfied, the cliff hanger was much of a cliff hanger, more of a “lets put the next bit in the next episode because we’ve run out of time” scenario. But that said I did enjoy.

My main gripe is with the special effects, there was a scene that involved and RPG and it just didn’t look right. There was ways of doing the same scene without needing to show the rocket launching and having it look so unreal. But the helicopter crashing, that was almost believable considering a minute earlier we had just witnessed the RPG fire.

The music was another thing that didn’t sit right, although it did have the actual Torchwood theme play at key moments, the rest of the music especially during the action scenes was very cliche generic Hollywood action scene music.

At the end of the episode it showed a teaser for the rest of the season and it does look good I must admit, it’s not going to be anything jaw droppingly new or amazing but its the stories I like, all adding to the lore and history of Torchwood and the Doctor Who universe.

I think i’ll be fully decided in a weeks time after I’ve watched the next episode especially now things will be settled in and it can focus on the point of the story.

No-one can die.

Ps. It’s good to be back WordPress.


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