Devil May Cry 5 (DmC)

So I know I might be a bit late on the uptake since this trailer has been out since TGS 2010 but Capcom announced another Devil May Cry game called DmC. It features a new look Dante and is a prequel to Devil May Cry 3, which itself is a prequel to the Devil May Cry series.

Looking at the comments you can instantly see that people DO NOT like Dante’s new look. He is a teenager and has black hair with a white tuft at the back from what I can make out.

They are saying it’s going to be a rubbish game based on what he looks like, some people just don’t like change apparently and to be honest he doesn’t look that bad, he looks how I would expect a DanTEEN (see what I did there) to look like.

Just because he looks different it doesn’t mean the story, gameplay and supporting characters will be bad either.

People need to chill and realise that A) It’s just a game and B) Don’t judge a game by its trailer. So many games have had AWESOME trailers and then turned out to be rubbish and I’m sure in the months up till release more and more trailers and gameplay footage will come out and it’ll shape up to be a good game.

Here is the trailer for you all to check out.


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